SOF Clubs

We invest in your future!

SOF’s Mission is to promote and contribute to the growth of human development and alleviate poverty in Africa through several development initiatives. Thus, SOF has created different clubs for members interested in a more intimate approach to investing in their future.

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The SOF clubs are: 

  • Education Club
  • Enterprise Club
  • Food Security Club
  • Volunteer, Mentoring and Employability Club
  • Girls and Women’s Club
  • Scholarship Club


Education Club

SOF will provide access to basic and higher education for women, children and youths through free-tuition initiatives and scholarships;The education club gives members access nationally and internationally to the UK, US, Ireland, Canada and Africa. The education club also avails members of National and International internships.

Enterprise Club

SOF will provide access to financial support for entrepreneurial and vocational skills to women, young graduates and youths. SOF seeks to provide access to financial support, loans, co-operatives, technical support for business establishment and empowerment schemes.  Linkages to banks, micro-finance institutions, partnerships and networks both nationally and internationally.

Food Security Club

SOF grants access to technical support and funds for establishment of agro allied industries. SOF will also provide access to internship pm farms, food processing industries and agro based industries.

Volunteer, Mentoring and Employability Club

Club was created to address unemployment. SOF grants access to participate in support projects both locally and internationally. SOF provides access to leadership and team building opportunities for strengthening you’re your career path thus, expanding your employment opportunities.

Girls and Women’sClub

SOF seeks to empower girls and women by developing support projects like the girl-child scheme subsequently promoting discipline while building leadership, women empowerment, and women involved in governance, career development and linkages.

Scholarship Club

SOF provides access for both sexes for funding of tuition and special needs.

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