Our Vision

To provide a world of equal opportunities for families, women, communities and youth through empowerment for the realization and maximization of their potentials towards a better future.

Our Mission


To promote and contribute to the growth of human development and alleviate poverty in Africa through these development initiatives:

  • To provide access to basic and higher education for women, children and youths
  • To provide access to higher education through free-tuition initiatives and scholarships
  • To promote education and educational initiatives at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • To promote and provide Universal Basic Education through initiatives and policies
  • To provide entrepreneurial and vocational skills to women, young graduates and youths
  • To provide financial and technical support for small and medium-scale projects for graduates and youths
  • To assist families and communities to identify economically viable enterprises for income generation in order to provide technical and financial support for their implementation.


  • To provide sustainable agricultural production systems, food security and qualitative nutrition initiatives
  • To promote good nutrition, agricultural practises and nutritional status
  • To provide leadership skills for youths, as well as mentor youths as responsible and future leaders for the African continent
  • To provide and promote quality and safe health care delivery
  • To reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity
  • To develop a global partnerships for sustainable development
  • To empower children, women, youths, families & communities in developing countries for a better future
  • To empower families and communities towards sustainable development
  • To eradicate negative social and cultural factors affecting women and children
  • To stabilize and enhance family structures and relationships, in order to promote discipline, leadership, and support projects such as, “Girl-Child Scheme”, “the Boy Drop out” and “The Children in Distress”